Saturday, September 1, 2012

Those are completos. Mostly chilean drunk food, but also a staple. It is basically a huge hot dog with tomatoes, onions, avocado, ketchup, mustard and mayo. I personally think they look disgusting, although I'm thinking of trying one just cause I feel like it's part of the experience (but definitely without mayonaise-which, fun fact, they put more mayo on after I took this pic, like, on each 

Anyways, Monday was an easy/pointless day of school and then I walked home at about 1...the 50 minute walk home is getting a bit old, but at least it's getting warmer and sunnier. Then around 2 Timm came over, we went to the market, he got a completo, and then we met with Laura to get food to make a stir fry.

We came back to my house and cooked, sat with Beto and Eduardo, and watched Timm/Beto try to communicate through the roughest Spanglish ever. We made this amazing mix of veggies that were so full of flavor it was ridiculous. I can't understand why this family doesn't eat more veggies when they are grown right in the next town and have SO MUCH FLAVOR. Also, I told Pilar that the eggs here were really good and she was like, "ya, we have the best ones. My friend has a coop and she only feeds them corn and greens..not fish like the other places." I am really, really happy my family doesn't buy the fish eggs. 

Us gringos sat around eating veggies (even dipped them fresh into the ranch dressing I just bought! Eduardo was disgusted by it... I just don't understand.) Then we decided to walk to this secret ice cream place, where I got banana manjar and tres leches scoops...obviously it was delicious. We sat in a plaza and watched some boys who were way too old to be riding there trick bikes, practice tricks with some skaters. 

I walked home and Pilar asked if I wanted to watch TV with her in her room. It was pretty cute, we laid with our heads at the bottom of the bed and watched some movie and then CSI (which was in English thankfully, cause my head was starting to hurt). Also, right now we are both sitting at the kitchen table and she is working and talking to herself and it is pretty entertaining.

Then Eduardo and I had once, he ate the left over completos and made me a special drink he wanted me to try cause he knows I like sweet things (how did they find that out?!). He made a malibu rum and pineapple juice drink. So today I only had 2 hours of class, I walked to Lider, got more pb, SOCKS! and oatmeal. It was a successful trip. Then I pretty much slept all day. Whoops. I got up and ate with Estefani and Eduardo and then went on a quick run to the beach and then to an aerobox class...I will definitely be joining that gym.

Aerobox is the greatest, funniest "workout" ever. We basically fake punched, kicked and bounced around to remixes of all kinds of songs. IT WAS SO GREAT. I laughed the majority of the time and kinda felt a workout. So i walked home and here we are...just took a half hour break from this while Eduardo tried to read/understand this. 

I am a bit scared about tomorrow as Caroll won't be at school in the morning so I have to actually teach all on my own, the entire class even. I'm nervous, but obviously I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Amor desde Chile.

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